What's The Buzz?

Beex is an easy-to-use Windows application to participate in P&D events and increase your chances of turning a profit.

It has various different functions disposable to you during an event - such as automatic pump detection (for detecting pre pumps) to manual trading. With Beex, you don't ever have to worry about buying in late into a pump again - you'll always be one of the first participants.

The Manual Function

Beex's manual function allows you to enter a pump by simply typing in the ticker symbol, rather than having to look up the coin name on Binance.

This saves you a lot of time because on average a person takes ~13 seconds to look up the manual coin on Binance, set the amount and buy-in (and this is not to mention if Binance rejects your trade, which could prolong your buy-in time even more). With Beex's manual function, you can join the pump in usually ~4 seconds (assuming you have average reaction times) - cutting your buy-in time by threefold. Simply type in the coin name and go.

The Scrape Function

Reaction times too slow? Not to worry, you can use the scrape function to join pumps as well.

Beex's scrape function "scrapes" every message on a discord or telegram channel for the coin name and buy's as soon as it detects it. It works by analyzing the messages sent on the channel and permutating through over >100k combinations in under 100ms to find the coin being pumped within a message. Is the coin posted in Image form? No problem! Beex is packaged with full OCR functionality which will convert the image to text before permutating through it. With scrape, you'll have an average buy-in time of ~1-2 seconds.

The Detect Function

Are you in a group that likes to pre-pump before the coin release? Ouch, nobody likes that - except the detect function.

Detect has a direct KLINE WebSocket connection with every coin listed on Binance and analyzes every single trade on the platform for one that could resemble a pre-pump. It runs on our AWS server in Tokyo with average response times of 0.48ms. If a pump is detected, it will immediately buy allowing you to enter a pump sometimes even before the coin name is released on the group.

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